Happy September, DMS!   I am excited to work with you this year as you navigate the next year in your middle school journey!  

Throughout the year, we will be working with leadership strategies based on Steven Covey’s work The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens, and in October focusing on the first strategy “Be Proactive”.  Covey addresses the practice of being proactive versus reactive in situations and even in our language.  For example, think about all the things you have to do for the rest of the day: “I have to finish my homework, I have to study for my test, I have to do my chores, I have to, I have to, I have to…”  Sounds pretty overwhelming! What if you shift your language-- notice what happens when you reframe everything you have to do into something you get to do: “I choose to finish my homework; I get to study, I prefer to have a clean area and do my chores; I can, I choose to, I want to, I get to, I prefer to…”  Pathways in the brain physically move more smoothly and effectively when we use proactive language.  The next time you catch yourself saying… “I have to do something” remind yourself that it’s something you have an opportunity to do.  

 Welcome with me four new staff members working in our middle school:  Ms. Turnbull joins us in 7th grade social studies, Mr. Farquhar joins us in 8th grade social studies, Mrs. Prestigiacomo joins us in MS/HS Art, and Mrs. Bladek joins us in 7th grade special education. They bring with them a lot of new ideas and experience that will enrich the middle school.

We're off to a great start so far; I look forward to seeing you at Open House on September 13th at 6 PM for grades 7-12 and on September 20th at 6 PM for grades PK-6.


Mrs. Leavitt

MS Principal