Fifth graders have more responsibility this year because they change classes for every subject and need to remember the supplies necessary for each class. Our schedule is busy! Fifth graders will learn to be more independent, better prepared, and more organized middle school students.

Agenda planners are an important tool in the development of organizational skills. Students need to be writing their assignments in their agendas daily, and parents should check the agendas daily. This helps keep everyone informed about what is going on.

Students will again have the opportunity to be part of the CARE All-Star picnic by demonstrating cooperation, good attendance, respect, and overall effort. Students will need to miss no more than 2 months of CARE in order to be eligible for the Pine Lake trip in June.

In addition, fifth graders have the opportunity to participate in chorus and band for the first time. At the end of the year both fifth and sixth graders have a chance to go to Boston for a day of learning and fun.

If your child is absent, please make sure that someone picks up any work that is missed.

Materials needed for:

Every class:

    • 2 sharpened pencils with erasers
    • 1 blue or black pen
    • loose-leaf paper
    • homework folder
    • agenda planner
    • silent reading material

Language Class:

    • language textbook
    • language notebook
    • language folder (color coded A-red, B-blue, C-purple,)

Math Class:

    • math folder
    • math notebook

Science Class:

    • folder with pockets

Social Studies:

  • 1" binder